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Fees Schedule

Account Fees
Membership Fee $10 non-refundable
Inactive Share (01) $15 per quarter
Fee charged for six or more months of inactivity over the age of 16 and account balance under $100.
Maintenance / Returned Mail $5 per month
Fee charged if no current address on file or postal service notifies CU of address change through forwarding order.
Checking Account (75/76) $5 per month
Fee charged if Average Daily Balance falls below $500. Anyone under age 22 exempt from checking fee.
Inactive Checking Account (73/74/75/76/77) $10 per month
Fee charged for 6 or more months of inactivity, account balance under $100, and no active Certificate of Deposit or Loan Accounts.
Spark Checking (73) $10 per month if account requirements are not met
Account requirements per month are: 10 or less checks cleared/presented, Web Account Access, E-Statements, an active VISA Debit Card, and a total direct deposit of $700 or more. There is a 60-day grace period after the account opening to establish all account criteria.
Excessive Withdrawal Fee (MMA 79) $15 if over 6 withdrawals in a calendar month
Stop Payment Fee $25 per request
Check Copy $3 per item
Counter Checks $0.25 per check / $1 per page
Non-sufficient Fee $30 per item
(Check/ACH/Debit/ATM/Bill Pay)
Courtesy Pay Fee $30 per item
(Debit/ATM/Bill Pay)
Bill Pay Inactive Fee $10 per month fee charged if service is not used for 60 days or more.
Overdraft Privilege Fee $30 per item
Overdraft Transfer $5 per transfer
Fee charged if the service is not used for 60 days or more.
Inactive IRA $10 per year
Fee charges for any IRA account with an Average Daily Balance of less than $500 and no transaction activity for two calendar years.
Checking Account Paper Statements $3 per month
Fee charged for members between the ages of 18-65 and receiving paper statements for checking accounts.

Credit Union Fees
Account Reconciliation & Account Research $25 per hour; minimum charge 1 hour
Collection Item - Domestic or International $25 per item
Deposit or Payment Item Return $10 per item; $25 per item for member's personal check drawn on another financial institution
Outgoing Wire Transfers


$20 per wire transfer
$50 per wire transfer
Visa Gift Cards $3 per card
(See the Gift Card Terms and Conditions disclosure for additional fee details)
Tax Levy and Garnishment Processing $50 per occurrence
Money Orders $3 per money order
Third Party Payee Checks $5 per check
Loan Document / Statement Copy $5 per page
Payment by Phone $5 per payment
Home Equity Subordination $100 per request
Collateral Filing $35 per loan
Skip a Payment / Loan Extension $25 per loan
Loan Modification $100 per loan
History Printouts $3 per statement cycle
ATM Transaction $2 per transaction if more than 5 withdrawal transactions are made in a calendar month
ATM or Debit Card / PIN Replacement $15 per card / $5 per PIN change
Rush order for Debit Card $45
Copy of Sales ticket for Debit Card transaction $5
Document Delivery

First or Priority Overnight
Standard Overnight
2nd Day Air
Member Request for Express Delivery
Member Request for Certified Mail

Check Cashing

Non-Credit Union check cashed with total savings
and/or checking balance of $50 or less
Non-Credit Union check cashed with total savings
and/or checking balance of $100 or less



Coin Machine Deposits (Douglasville & Tucker Offices Only)


No Transaction Fee
8% Transaction Fee

Optional Services
Fee Disclosed at Time of Acceptance of Transaction
Bill Pay

Overnight Check Delivery
Same Day

External Transfers


POP Money
Send Money

$1.00 - $249.99
$250.00 - $999.99
$1000 and above

Request Money

$1.00 - $249.99
$250.00 - $999.99
$1000 and above

Stop payment $25.00
e-Greetings $0.250
Instant Payment

$1.00 - $249.99
$250.00 - $999.99
$1000 and above


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